Gifts for Hummingbird Lovers

Hummingbirds are beloved by birders and non-birders alike. Of course, with their dazzling colors, tiny sizes, astonishing flight, and charismatic personalities, what’s not to love about hummingbirds? Celebrate these amazing birds with great gift ideas, perfect for every hummingbird lover on your list, no matter what the occasion.

Top Gifts for Hummingbird Lovers

When you buy any gift, always consider the preferences and favorites of the recipient to choose the very best gift they’ll enjoy. Fortunately, hummingbirds are so popular that there is a wide range of gift ideas that incorporate these brilliant birds. The most popular hummingbird-themed gifts include…

  • Feeders
    A new nectar feeder can bring the gift of hummingbirds to that someone special. Consider different feeder styles, sizes, and designs to match just the type of personal flair the gift recipient has in their yard and garden.
  • Nectar
    Keep hummingbird feeders full with a gift of fresh nectar, either ready-to-use or as a concentrate that can easily be distilled and used to replenish feeding areas to keep hummingbirds well-fed.
  • Feeder Accessories
    Help make the most of every hummingbird feeder with a baffle to keep pests and predators away, or an ant moat to keep bugs out of the nectar ports. Cleaning brushes and extra bee guards are other useful accessories.
  • Flowers
    Provide a natural source of hummingbird food when you give nectar-rich flowers as a thoughtful gift. Hanging pots, seedlings, or seeds can all be great choices, and might be paired with a red pot to attract more hummingbirds’ attention.
  • Hummingbird Accessories
    Little extras that can attract hummingbirds make great gifts. Natural nesting material, a decorative hummingbird swing, or a red gazing ball to add a splash of color to the yard are all popular choices.
  • Water
    While hummingbirds may not drink (they get moisture from the nectar they feed on), they will visit shallow fountains, misters, and drippers for bathing and preening. These items can be great hummingbird-friendly gifts.
  • Books
    There are many great titles about hummingbirds, from field guides to general books about hummingbirds to children’s picture books exploring these captivating birds. Add a bookmark with stunning hummers to make this gift even more special.
  • Garden Décor
    Help bring hummingbirds into the garden in all seasons with themed decorations. A welcome flag, wall thermometer, wind chime, welcome mat, or other garden accent might feature painted or sculpted hummingbirds as a fun accent.
  • Novelties
    Let that someone special show off their love of hummingbirds in every way with any hummingbird-themed gift, from candles, mugs, and puzzles to keychains, magnets, coasters, stationery, suncatchers, pillows, and even plush toys.
  • Jewelry
    Stylish hummingbird gifts can be beautiful jewelry, and these graceful birds are often featured on earrings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, and charms. Small jewelry dishes and trinket boxes may also have a hummingbird design.
  • Artwork
    These birds are true works of art, and many artists have attempted to capture their beauty in watercolor paintings, stained glass pieces, ceramic sculptures, and detailed photography. Such artwork can be a fine and thoughtful gift.
  • Sponsorship
    Help hummingbird conservation with a meaningful sponsorship or adoption gift and give that someone special their very own symbolic bird. The gift will go toward preserving hummingbird habitat or other conservation projects to protect these birds.
  • Help
    Helping a hummingbird lover can be a thoughtful gift. Take time to plant hummingbird-friendly flowers, clean the feeders, mix up a new batch of nectar, or just visit favorite gardens to see hummingbirds, and the time and effort will be much appreciated.

With so many options for hummingbird-themed gifts, you’re sure to find the perfect present for every hummingbird lover in your life, and for any occasion that warrants a small token of friendship, love, and appreciation.

Melissa Mayntz

About Melissa Mayntz

Melissa Mayntz is a birder and a writer, naturally writing about birds. Her work has appeared with The Spruce, Farmers' Almanac, National Wildlife Magazine, Bird Watcher's Digest and other publications. She is the author of Migration: Exploring the Remarkable Journeys of Birds (Quadrille Publishing, 2020), and is transforming her suburban backyard into prime bird habitat. Be Your Own Birder.